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Science Soapbox: Marnie Gelbart: on personal genetics & building bridges of trust

Dr. Marnie Gelbart is Director of Programs at the Personal Genetics Education Project (PGEd). With advances in personal genome sequencing and gene editing technologies like CRISPR, PGEd seeks to “increase awareness and conversation about the benefits and ethical, legal, and social implications of personal genetics.” The Science Soapbox team sat down with Dr. Gelbart to chat about some of the programs she is leading, which include designing activities to be taught in schools and advising filmmakers on how they portray science and scientists. Trained as a biologist herself, Dr. Gelbart shares compelling insights into working to build two-way bridges between science and the public and why she is an optimist — a favorite subject of ours.

Dr. Gelbart also speaks about her recent trip to Baltimore Maryland for the Minority Coalition for Precision Medicine Summit hosted by both Michael Friend and Shakir Cannon, Health Ministries Network Founder & Co-Founder. Listen to the entire Science Soapbox interview here

Shakir Cannon